RoRI joins forces with the Center for Open Science to bring Metascience 2025 to London

A global gathering for knowledge sharing, community building, and opportunities to define a roadmap of research and intervention priorities to accelerate science

When: Monday 30 June to Wednesday 2 July 2025 

Where: University College London (UCL) & across London’s Knowledge Quarter

We are excited to announce that RoRI is partnering with the Center for Open Science (COS) to bring the Metascience 2025 conference to London: the first time this conference will take place outside the United States.

Many scholarly fields conduct research about the research process. Policymakers, funders, publishers, and other stakeholders all have an interest in whether changes and reforms accelerate or inhibit the advancement, translation, and application of research. Together, these communities form the pipeline for enhancing research systems and practices.

Metascience 2025 will bring these communities together to share ideas, evidence, and foster a culture of continuous experimentation and improvement in the ways we design, run, fund and evaluate research systems, cultures and practices.

Metascience 2025 will take place at University College London (UCL) and venues dotted across London’s Knowledge Quarter, with its unique mix of research, scientific, and cultural partners, based along a half-mile stretch of London’s Euston Road. 

Following two successful gatherings in the USA and one virtual summit during Covid-19, by bringing Metascience 2025 to London, we hope to engage and expand networks of researchers, funders, policymakers active in metascience across Europe and beyond. 

The Research on Research Institute (RoRI), based at University College London (UCL), will be the local coordinating body for a collaborative effort involving colleagues from across UCL, together with nearby London-based scientific and research institutions. 

Announcing the partnership, James Wilsdon, RoRI’s Executive Director, said:

“Since the inaugural Metascience conference in 2019, these biennial meetings have become the epicentre of a fast-growing community of research, policy and practice. Metascience draws in and on a diverse mix of disciplines and approaches, but is united in its ambition to direct scientific methods back on the science system itself — using advanced tools, data and other evidence to better manage research systems; to ensure that resources are invested fairly and efficiently; and to transform how research findings are disseminated, measured and evaluated. 

With UKRI, the UK’s national research funder, having just announced a £5 million metascience programme, and the UK’s Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) having created the world’s first government Metascience Unit, there’s never been a better time for this conversation to head to London.

RoRI and UCL are thrilled to be hosting Metascience 2025. Building on the fantastic work of our friends at the Centre for Open Science, we hope to make this the biggest, brightest and most impactful meeting yet.”

More details will follow soon on the Metascience 2025 website. To explore local partnership or sponsorship opportunities, please drop us a line at