Exploring research funding


Billions of pounds are spent on research every year but we don’t know whether it is being spent in the most effective way. Despite the importance of diversity, inequalities persist in research funding success by gender and scientific field.

The best way to discover whether problems and inequities exist in the way in which research funding is allocated – and what causes them – is to gather and analyse data about the funding landscape.

As a pilot project using RoRI’s Funder Data Platform, the CRITERIA project explored who receives research funding and how these decisions are made, to understand if and how inequalities arise, and how funding processes to change to realise the full potential of people and research.

Project team

Vincent Traag, CWTS-Leiden and Senior Research Fellow, RoRI

Research Team

Timeline and outputs

Outputs of the CRITERIA project will help funders understand the potential drivers of inequalities in research funding, and to identify where it might be mitigated against by changes to selection and review processes.

RoRI Funder Data Platform and CRITERIA project overview