B.V.E. Hyde

Visiting Fellow

Visiting Fellow, RoRI and Researcher, University of Leeds

B.V.E. Hyde is an analytic philosopher of science and metascientist with an interdisciplinary interest in what good science looks like and what it means for an inquiry to be scientific, unscientific, or pseudoscientific. His work mostly focuses on methodology but also addresses research ethics; it can be characterised under the study of history and philosophy of science (HPS), the sociology of scientific knowledge (SSK), or science and technology studies (STS). 

Hyde’s interest lies in what good science and policy look like. This involves conceptual analysis of scientific ideals such as objectivity and integrity as well as theorizing about values in science, scientific method, how science relates to society, and theory choice.

Much of his philosophic work is intended to be relevant to practitioners and policymakers; thus, Hyde often conducts research into mechanisms of the scientific community like peer-review and spends time looking at real scientific policies published by societies, research funders and government departments.